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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

The comprehensive eye examination is the means to evaluate the functioning of the eyes and to diagnose the cause of any signs or symptoms of eye trouble. Our eye exams include:

Eye Health Problems

Many systemic diseases can have affects in the eyes. Your family physician may refer you to us in order to determine if this happening. On occasion, however, you may be in to see us for a routine vision evaluation and we detect a previously undiagnosed systemic problem.

We specialize in the detection and treatment of the ocular signs of systemic diseases. We work closely and communicate with all types of physicians in Fort Collins making sure that your eyes stay healthy if you are currently undergoing treatment for a systemic problem or if we detect one during our evaluation.

Eye Disease & Surgery Co-management

Colorado Vision Center doctors are trained in the detection and management of all types of eye disease and believe in the preventative medicine approach to eye care. Many eye diseases are without symptoms until much damage has been done. Glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration are a few. Routine annual eye evaluations are the best way to ensure that your vision is not affected by any of these.

If you need a referral, we work with the best specialists in Colorado. We are able to analyze your needs, and, if needed, refer you to the most appropriate person.